The presenters


1962: Guy Lux – Léon Zitrone – Simone Garnier – Roger Couderc
1963-1990: Guy Lux – Léon Zitrone – Claude Salleh – Simone Garnier
1991: Guy Lux – Denise Fabre – Simone Garnier – Philippe Risoli – Evelyne Leclercq – Patrick Roy – Claude Salleh
1995-1996: Jean-Pierre Foucault – Fabrice – Nathalie Simon – Olivier Chiabodo
1997: Jean-Pierre Foucault – Thierry Roland – Nathalie Simon – Olivier Chiabodo
1998: Jean-Pierre – Foucault – Julien Courbet – Delphine Anais – Laurent Mariotte
1999: Jean-Pierre Foucault – Fabrice – Laurent Mariotte – Nathalie Simon
2004: Nada – Juliette Arnaud
2005: Nada – Patrice Laffont – Nathalie Simon
2006-2007: tex – Julien Lepers – Nathalie Simon – Vanessa Dolmen
2008: tex – Julien Lepers – Nathalie Simon – Alessandro Di Sarno
2009: Nelson Montfort – Philippe Candeloro – Nathalie Simon

Robert Wurtz officiated the 1998 and 2004 to 2007 events
Philippe Corti musically hosted the show from 2005 to 2008.
Olivier Alleman officiated the issue from 2008 to 2009.
Olivier Grandjean is the arbitrator of international since 2005 versions, and the Crazy Games in the snow in 2013.

Guy Lux, the man who had a France to him

anim07Guy Lux was both host the most admired and most maligned of his generation. Success always causes lust and stirs all the frustrations of the failures of life. And success, Guy Lux in never missed! He managed to break records of hearing that any producer TV normally dream of achieving. Its emissions flirting cheerfully and regularly with the 60% of the audience. What is already at that time was absolute records.
Gifted by TV, his eclecticism was at the height of its glibness… Intercity to Cadet Rousselle, passing through the charts of songs or the Schmilbic, he had also to its cathodic arc, no offense to the Eggheads, a few strings cultural the «hateurs» of Lux have “dementia” knowingly or not. In its first broadcasts, the opera, the history and culture still had their place, both for the wheel turns, the head and the legs (which he was initiator), Cadet Rousselle or intercity in which cultural event was systematically to the program.
Its assets there are not less than 50 emissions and almost as successful… The creative genius of Guy Lux, until his last breath, was never evil of muses. But its flagship Intercity. 50 years. Still young. It has entertained less than three generations. This show has never ceased to make laugh all generations confused from all social backgrounds in all countries of the world.

Léon Zitrone: Snowman sacred, sacred snowman

anim06Also unavoidable that Guy, the King Léon to mark inter-city everything as its footprint! But who better Guy Lux could talk about his girlfriend, his accomplice?
«Léon Zitrone, better than a man of television, television itself! The omnipresence that had made him the man best known, the most famous, best-loved and most critical of France him had she turned head? This is very difficult to say because it’s TV, TV, that I knew him and I can’t say what it was before.
For those who is Intercity, I often said that in a difficult battle that this struggle of steeples, Leone was both the armoured division that was the break in the municipal hesitations; then once the place has been conquered, it was his only occupation troop; and the fight ended, it was also for the victory day parade!
Intervilles without Leo, I imagine not. Certainly, it multiplies its presence by ten, our task by twenty, but it also multiplies the success of the show in which he takes by one hundred! »

By car, Simone!

Simone Garnier, nicknamed “the smile of Intervilles”, has seen his life switch summer 1962 after have been chosen to present alongside Guy Lux, the show that would make her a star of the small screen. Two minutes were enough to the famous entertainer to notice the young and pretty Lyon announcer at a stall in the context of its game show the wheel turns.
Simone Knap to the city (she preferred to keep her maiden name, for obvious reasons of pronunciation) was both the moderator and the guarantor benevolent and maternal recess games of inter-city messing for nearly twenty years (from 1962 to 1991). It was the essential feminine touch.
His name remains associated with a famous French popular expression: “by car Simone!”, that Guy Lux handed to the taste of the day in place.

Nathalie Simon

anim05Nathalie is a passionate of sport in general and in practice many such as mountain biking, winter sports, jogging, swimming etc… In 1986 it converts back in television and in business. She arrives on inter-city in 1995 alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault, Fabrice and Olivier Chiabodo until 1999. During the broadcast, the moderator is always in motion, fearless and tough. Its role is to test animations and show the operation to the public. It made his return on inter-city in 2005 on France 2 alongside Nagui and Patrice Lafont, and then with Julien Lepers and Tex in 2006.

Jean-Pierre Foucault

Indeed he has 30 years of career as much as an artist, entrepreneur and cumulates the functions in football and the media. At 17 he won a presenter contest organized by CTMR which allows it to be committed immediately. After having starred in numerous series such as it’s Sunday or Holy evening on TF1, the years Tube, the world is crazy, Jean-Pierre Foucault arrives at the controls of inter-city with Fabrice between 1995 and 1999.


anim04Born in 1941, Fabrice is a multifaceted character: singer, writer, host radio as in the big heads, box treasure or even Casino Parade. He arrived at the television to the complying of his accomplice Sophie Garel with Atoukado then Quat ‘z’ friends, a program of educational games for children. Subsequently, Fabrice hosted games without borders with Marie-Ange Nardi in 1988 and 1989. The comeback of inter-city is provided by Fabrice and Jean-Pierre Foucault duets in bad faith will be fury. Fabrice, now retired in Switzerland scored more than 30 years of television and radio and aroused a lot of vocations.

Olivier Chiabodo

Complete athlete, as well practice basketball, diving, sailing only surfing and catamaran. Olivier Chiabodo is very popular in varieties and TF1 entertainment programming. In 1992, it happens on the show markets of glory where he presents the topic gestures which save. In January 1994, he presented the road to fortune, and during the summer it happens to inter-city and participated even to place ice in December. In 1996, he created the treasure map game presented by Sylvain Augier on France 3. Olivier Chiabodo said of place that it is “a very good school direct, improvisation and authentic contact with the viewers and spectators. »

Julien Lepers

anim03Born in Paris, he begins studying law before beginning at RMC then later joins the team of RTL. In 1988, he became the leader of Questions for a Champion and anime for the first time place at le Touquet in the summer 2006.


This comedian presenter began in 1984 at the Bouvard theater with Muriel Robin and Jean-Marie Bigard. In 1996, he made his first steps at radio with Arthur in the morning Europe 2. He also regularly participates in the Grosses Têtes on RTL and laughter and songs on Europe 2. Invited on many plateaus, Tex became host of television in 2000 and succeeded Jean-Luc Reichmann in Les Z’Amours on France 2. It gives the reply to Julien Lepers on inter-city every summer on France 3 since 2006.

Olivier Alleman

anim02If it is a man who did not happen to place by chance or opportunity, it’s Olivier Alleman, last adjudicator dated inter-city and inter-city junior. His Grail since childhood to be the actor of the show. In 1996 he participated in the Intercity between Dax and Bayonne meeting, during which he defended the colours of the Basque city. Then kept in touch with Yves Launoy, one of the producers of the show, he finds himself production assistant during the special place Paris-Beijing in 1999. In 2003, he debuted in the arbitration of the issue on the Portuguese version of the game as well as the international city in China. After three summers alongside the former international football referee, he became official referee of Intervilles, during summer 2007. Taking its role as referee with rigour and good humour, Olivier adapts to the best of all perilous situations that should install inter-city and its many difficult elements to master (little cows for example…). We will find in inter-city Junior every weekend on France 3 in 2008.

Olivier Grandjean

anim01He was the star presenter of TSR in the early 1990s, then host star of inter-city and its variations around the world as Paris-Beijing in 1999 broadcast on TF1. On the occasion of the launch of the “Crazy Games” snow”on Gulli, the Franco-Swiss is new star presenter of the show.
Olivier Grandjean takes these comments about Intercity “it professional experience unique and always renewed. This sentiment is shared by all at the end of filming. One could speak of a family, it exists, and like to get together at every opportunity to work anywhere and in any weather conditions or other, in Malaysia as in China, in Paris as in Meribel.